Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One More Egg

There has been much happenings tonight but not much knitting, sadly. I did get to the toe decreases for the blue sock which is really more of a toddler sock than a baby sock.
Behold it's blue, almost sockiness.
This sock really stands alone. Ha ha! Ok, terrible joke.

There is a reason why this sock isn't finished. And it has to do with muffins.

As you will recall, a while back I bribed, I mean...gently persuaded my knitting class that if they worked on their projects and showed progress I would bring them breakfast at the end of the quarter. The end of the quarter is tomorrow. No big deal. I had actually written down in my day planner to pick up breakfast items. So, after work I come home, go for a walk (much needed), make some dinner, and head out for a Bible study. After Bible study I go by the grocery store and pick up muffin mix, o.j., and apple juice and come home. I then begin making the muffins. Until I got to step 2. Step 2 calls for one egg. Now, in a normal household where breakfasts and dinners are made on a regular basis this would not be a problem. However, I do not make breakfast or dinner on a regular basis. Thus, I rarely have eggs on hand. In fact the carton I had said, "Sell my Jan 11, 2008." Wasn't going to work. So, I turn off the oven, put my shoes back on, and go back to the grocery store for some eggs. 20 minutes later I'm finally mixing the muffin batter. Thankfully I have a nuclear oven that cooks things in half the time so I'm waiting on only one more batch before I can go to bed.

Behold the almost muffiny goodness.

So, yeah, that's what my evening has been like. Hopefully tomorrow will = more knitting.

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