Saturday, March 8, 2008

Awww! Looky!

My Presto Chango baby sweater is coming along really well. I've got the main body finished. It needs to be blocked and then the seams sewn up. But it looks so cute already!
I started on the falling leaves removable front. Let me just put in the disclaimer that you need to remember that there are buttons holes on the thing. Don't forget them (like I almost did) and blow right past them (like I almost did).
And this morning I finished the child's sock (yes, it grew even bigger...from baby to toddler and finally to child sized). The toe is now square but I think if I kept knitting the thing would have been big enough for me to wear.
I don't understand why nothing has really worked with this yarn. Maybe it's just so crappy that any thing you make with it is going to be a little off. When I ripped back and re-knit the toe the yarn actually got stickier and rougher. I hope that when I wash it it will soften up and be ok.

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