Monday, March 17, 2008

R.I.P. Old Blue

Well, it finally happened. My laptop crashed. I'm talking a fiery ball of blazing glory...crashed. I tried to look up the weather on Saturday (to make sure there weren't more tornadoes coming towards me...there were) and my computer begins making this horrible scratching, clicking noise like there are hamsters in there simultaneously gnawing through my wires and running amok over the motherboard. It has never made this sound before so I wait cautiously. Then I get this blue screen telling me there is a file with an error and if this is the first time this has happened to reboot my computer. Then there was a list of things to do if this wasn't the first time this kind of thing had happened. Since this was the first time I'd seen this happen I did as the computer suggested and rebooted. Maybe it just needed some time to think about why it was misbehaving. When I turned in on however, it told me it couldn't find any programs and that I had no bootable drives. But I could hit F1 to try again or F2 to see the set-up menu. I hit F1 about 6 times but nothing changed. When I hit F2 it looked like there was still stuff in my computer (at least it hadn't decided to eat my data as well) but for some reason it seems to be having a hate moment with my C Drive and thus refuses to acknowledge it. My first thought when my computer started telling me it wasn't going to work was, "Geek Squad. Take it to Geek Squad." So, today after work I'm going to go and see if they can fix my laptop or at least retrieve my information from deep within it. Until I get Old Blue back I will be using my work laptop so I will still have email but I can't post pics since all that software is on my personal computer. Stay tuned for further up-dates in the CPU Saga.

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