Friday, March 7, 2008

A (K)Night's Tale

This afternoon was all about relaxing. I took a nice little nap and then tucked into some knitting. Penelope helped me work on the Presto Chango sweater while we watched A Knight's Tale on tv.

I will guard your yarn for you.
Aren't I cute?
Ok, stop knitting and pay attention to me.

I got a lot done. I'm on to the front panels so I have about 6 inches to go until the main body is done and then I'll do the removable front panel. Here's a fuzzy close up of the seed stitch border.
I also did a little work on the blue sock. I'm not too happy with the toe though. Way too pointy for my taste. I'll rip back and fix it tomorrow. My goal is to have non pointy toes on my socks.
Ugh! Pointy toe how I loathe thee!
I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow relaxing and just being at home. It will be the first weekend in about a month that I won't be doing something or going somewhere. This week was crazy busy every evening. Tonight was the first night I haven't had to be rushing off to do something.

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