Friday, March 14, 2008

Everyone Stay Calm

Tonight was my typical stay in, watch a movie, and knit. I worked on the pink sweater. I've finally gotten to the ribbing that goes at the bottom. As you will remember I had to cut and rip this bad boy apart. It has since decided to behave itself very nicely. But it's really just big and pink right now.

What is actually more interesting and pressing right now is the colossal storms going on around here right now. Apparently a tornado hit Atlanta earlier this evening. I just happened to be flipping through the channels and all there is on is radars showing red blotches over the middle part of the state. I'm very thankful that it seems like none will be headed toward the city that me, my parents, or my brother live in. These storms are totally tearing up the downtown area and the airport. It's crazy though how much technology can pinpoint where these things are happening. The meteorologist can tell you what street the storm is hitting. He's even pointing out the almost precise moment that the tornadic activity touches the ground or even starts to form. I mean, they can tell you if the rotation in the storm is on the ground or in the clouds. It's crazy. I think it's amazing how they can literally give a play-by-play of a tornado. I imagine this probably saves a lot of lives. There's not a whole lot that can be done for possessions at a time like this but at least people can be safe. It's been crazy though. I'll probably be headed to bed soon but my thoughts and prayers will be with all the people who are out there in the path of these storms.

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