Friday, May 25, 2012

Life and Such

I'm pleased to announce that tonight, after nearly 2 weeks of revisions I finally turned in a paper for class that I think my professor will not send back to me with a notation that reads something like, "You are full of fail. Try again." (Ok, that might be over doing it a tad but you get the drift...) The joys of grad school...

I'm also happy to report that I got final confirmation that I was accepted to an internship site. All the professors I have emailed have said this sounds like a place where I can get good experience.

I leave for Romania in 3 weeks as of tomorrow.

That last sentence does not convey my actual excitement in any way.

Neither did that one.

I started and finished a scarf:
It's called the Heart to Heart scarf and I got the pattern free from the yarn shop in Cherry Grove, South Carolina when I bought some Gedifra Airmix there.
(Hopefully you can kind of see the heart pattern) The organization that I go to Romania with is called Heart to Heart International. It was like this pattern was meant to be.

I started a skinny tie for my brother that was supposed to be his Christmas present last year.
It's coming along nicely. I got the yarn from Whorled Peace on Etsy. Perfect shades of variegated black and grey.

I'm in the middle of moving all my belongings to my parent's house. I'm trying to purge as I go. I'm ready to be done with it.

For some reason this blog post was rather draining. And now for a head count...

Project count up:
Charity: 7 completed
Self: 0
Family and friends: 2 on the needles, 4 completed (probably more with all the washcloths I made my mom)