Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CPU Saga Part 2

So, Old Blue is official dead. To even retrieve the information that she has locked in her Impenetrable Fortress of Doom will cost me $1600. Yes, you read that right, $1600. When I heard this 3 people in line behind me at Best Buy gasped, the Geek Squad guy looked totally sympathetic, and I almost simultaneously threw up and began crying. When I had suppressed the urge to do both I walked out of the store with my $1600 paper weight and broke down in my car. This wouldn't be as horrible if I wasn't trying to pay for a $2000 trip to a second world country over the summer. But I will press on. I'm uploading my picture software to my work computer this afternoon (thank goodness for having administrator status) and start posting pics again. My knitting mojo has been off for a few days so I'm trying to find something to get pumped about knitting. Or I could just finish the 5 projects that are buttons and seaming away from being done. But I digress...

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