Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Challenge and An Acquisition

Today I presented by knitting class with a challenge. I've been having issues with some kids not staying on task and getting side tracked from what's really important in life...knitting. I challenged them to finish one of 4 simple projects: a simple hat, a harder hat, a washcloth, or a scarf. I figured these were all things a very beginning knitter should be able to do. The harder hat was the real challenger with decreases and ribbing. I told them if they finished the project by the end of the nine weeks (in 5 weeks) then I would bring them doughnuts, muffins, and juice for a breakfast party.

Seriously dude, it worked magic that can only be worked with middle schoolers.

Suddenly even the least motivated (and constantly complaining) member of the group was rushing to cast on. Suddenly there were 100 questions. Is this enough to start a hat? Can I use what I've already done? Can I make a baby hat? Why does mine look like this? It was great. And the best part was, I jumped in and challenged myself.

I told the kids I was going to make not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 5 baby hats. One hat a week. Not a hard task, unless you are 12 and just learned how to cast on. I think the fact that I was pushing myself showed them they could be pushed too. I was very excited.

Also, I'm acquiring a stash of sorts from an outside benefactor. The primary use of the stash (and needles and other tools that come with it) are for the knitting class. My question is, how do you view "stash passing?" I think it's very intimate, one knitter to another. This stash is coming from another teacher's mother. She never learned herself and her mom apparently has stuff just sitting around out of use. My stash will probably have to be written into my will but I can see how if my children (heaven forbid) never take up knitting I would want it to go to good use with another knitter. Or maybe I'd make them keep it for a possible knitting grandchild. Either way, I'm eternally grateful to this woman for letting me have her knitterly things.

Sorry there aren't any pictures for the blog today. I did start a baby hat last night but I never got around to taking pictures. Tomorrow though, there will be...me thinks...

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Albert said...

Wow... It worked !! Well Good luck on your baby hats. If you need sometime to help untangle yarn or just sit around and watch in amazement as you do you thing.. just let me know. :-)