Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Afternoon's Are For...

1. Napping

As if you needed confirmation that I had done this.

2. Updating Blogs

As promised I'm updating about my trip to Savannah. First, for anyone who was unsure of where my priorities might lie...
I think all is as it should be.

I also decided to take some pictures of my trip down to Savannah. Hwy 16 is the magical highway that runs from Macon to Savannah. To get to Savannah you must take this 160 mile stretch on the last half of your journey (from my house to Macon it's about 2 hours so this makes the start of Hwy 16 the halfway point for me). Hwy 16 is mind numbingly boring. And when you have already been in a car for 2 hours (give or take 30 minutes) it is enough to make you want to cry. For proof I give you...Hour 1:
Hmm, undulating hills, a few cars...nothing of real note. Hour 2:
More of the same...Hour 3:
Still the same...oh, wait! A big truck! Close to my car! At this point I should interject that I'm terrified of driving next to tractor trailer trucks so having this big truck next to me as I took pictures was really not as thrilling as I make it sound. And notice that I was on Hwy 16 for almost 3 hours. There was a gas station finding incident and a tear in the time space continuum that actually caused me to take an extra hour longer than needed. The only shining light about Hwy 16 is that there is a local point of interest that lets you know you are almost to Savannah. The Christmas Tree.
Here is a closer picture of the Christmas Tree (though a little sideways, I was driving 80 mph after all). The story goes (as I know it) that students from the Savannah College of Art and Design keep this tree decorated year round. Which can't be hard because it's just some tinsel thrown on a tree. But it's almost exactly 30 minutes outside of Savannah and every time I see it my heart does a little dance because I'm about to be out of the stinkin' car and be able to stretch my legs.
The rest of the trip was rather uneventful. It was mostly work related activities. Though on Friday afternoon my friend Trotter and I went to Wild Fibre, stocked up on supplies, and I taught her how to knit. She promised to have a scarf by Monday. I'm just happy to be contributing to knitters taking over the world. However, this kind of leads me to the next thing that Sunday afternoons are for...
3. Knitting!
I picked up this lovely yarn on Friday in Savannah.
Be Sweet Magic Ball in Shakespeare. So awesome. I know exactly what I'm going to try and make with it. And for some regular, tote along anywhere and everywhere knitting I'm working on these:
Some simple socks in toddler size. The yarn is the same as those awful baby booties I was working on a few days ago but have decided to frog. They shall have a new life as these socks. For now I'm off to watch The Muppet Show, season 1 on DVD and knit something.

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