Friday, November 28, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving

Things I am thankful for:

Family-all of them

Friends-the ones I know in real life and through the internet

My (almost 100%) recession proof job-the world will always need teachers

My cat-she keeps me company and, since I'm the only person she likes, makes me feel like I truly have someone who could not live without me

My apartment, my car, and all the other Earthly possessions I have-I may not have much but it all belongs to me and that's more than some people in this world can say

Freedom of religion-so I can practice (and preach) what I believe without persecution

Democracy-because my voice can be heard

Living in a country that isn't ravaged by war-imagine if 9/11 was your everyday life

Indoor plumbing-you don't know how big a blessing this is until you have to go without

My talents and abilities-God gave them to me and me alone and that makes me unlike anyone else out there

A family that likes to celebrate-all major holidays and birthday's get at least a week long celebration, which is why Thanksgiving may have officially been yesterday but my family is having the traditional turkey dinner tonight

So many other things that I cannot begin to list them all here...

As you recover and reflect on your Thanksgiving and look ahead to the next month of holiday festivities please remember that almost 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day. They may never get to experience any of the blessings that I listed above. Please consider giving to a charity this year.

God bless.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Growing Sense of Accomplishment

Today my wonderful, amazing, incredible mother came over and spent about 4 hours helping me clean my apartment. She is the best. My apartment is sparkling. And since I cleaned out so many boxes of junk that were lying around I now have a lot more room. I'm seriously going to try and keep it clean for the holidays (and beyond). I was afraid my mom might faint or yell at me when she saw the state that my apartment was in. But she didn't. And that is why she is the M.O.M. (Mom of Moms).

Before she came over I went to the post office and sent off my box of knitted items for Warm Woolies. Here's a recap for anyone who's been playing along for the last 8 months (the official knitting time was 8 months 11 days).

4 vests
A gull wing cable sweater vest
2 plain sweater vests
A double cable sweater vest
A Tree of Life sweater vest
2 seed stitch paneled sweater vests
3 sweaters
12 pairs of socks (various sizes and styles)
and one little hat.
It felt so good to send them on their way. I said a prayer for all the wee little people who will be the recipients of these warm knitted items. I won't stop knitting for them but I do have to finish my Christmas knitting first. Tonight I think I'll watch some TV or a movie and get started on those Christmas gifts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is half of the last pair of socks that I will make for Warm Woolies.
This is half of the finished items soaking in my washing machine (not actually on a wash cycle mind accidental felting here).
If all goes well I will send all 25 items off this Friday. Pray for a speedy drying time and nimble sewing fingers as I need to add about 10 buttons to the finished vests. I'm very paranoid that they are going to look into my box and say, "Well, this vest is really an infant size and we said toddler or larger..." or "Well, this sock is a little bigger than that one. I don't know if this pair counts...". Totally freaking me out. I may have to whip out a few more vests just to make sure that I've got my bases covered. I can do all that by Friday....right?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shop Update!

These are the 3 new yarns that are available at Vivid Creation Fibers. Please stop by! You can still use the code "launch" (without the quotations) when you checkout and get 10% off your order.

Stained Glass

My Favorite Pajamas

Autumn Sunshine

I have to give a big shout out to my tech guy and long time friend Albert who made these pictures look AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who has visited the store so far :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


To get over a rough weekend make 2 of these:and call me in the morning.

And now for something completely different...

Cat in Motion.
Penelope has been going nuts all night running around the house.

Hiding behind the suitcase.

Hiding behind the poster waiting to pounce.
Trying to climb my leg and get the camera string (I'm really glad she doesn't have front claws).
More hiding.
Chasing toys. Notice the pinned back ears. That means she's about to go crazy.
P.S. New yarns will be posted in the store tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...just about begins to describe how tired I am. I had to wake up twice this week at 5:15 and today I didn't get home until 8:00. I've had conferences all week and I have about 5 more tomorrow. Plus teach a private lesson. I'm so ready for Friday, no meetings. Interestingly enough I had a huge gap today in my conferences, 3 and half hours. I ran a few errands and knit a lot on a sweater vest for Warm Woolies.
I'm almost finished with the 25 items I'm sending to them. I picked up buttons for some of the vests today and I should start washing them tomorrow or Saturday. Despite being tired I'm hoping to finish this vest tonight. We shall see.

I've been doing non knitting things as well though. A few days ago I put together some wire shelving and last night I emptied 4 boxes of Tweet Tees shirts onto the shelves. It looks so much nicer now. I still need another set of shelves to hold all the new sweatshirts we are selling. I moved the huge, overflowing yarn stash to my room though there are still hanging out in the living room. I'm slowly organizing things. I need to get that all done before, oh, this weekend. I wanted to put out my Christmas decorations this weekend but I need room cleared to do so. Le sigh. Did I mention I'm exhausted?

Penelope seems a little unconcerned. She's staked out the nicest, warmest blanket in the house and has figured out a way to take up the entire thing.
You show up an hour late for dinner and expect me to give a rats about you freezing? Turn up the heat ya wuss.

Monday, November 10, 2008

One Picture

Yep, that's all I got. One picture. But I'll try and make it worth it.
Some Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm bulky yarn in a 100% cormo wool. L-R: First Frost, Big Pond, Avocado, and Cranberry. Like butter. Seriously. This and the Shepherd's Wool I bought a few weeks ago have vaulted to the top of my "Things I Want to Knit With" list.

There has been other stuff going on. I'm knitting on a sweater vest (big surprise, right?) for Warm Woolies. I love knitting these things but I'm ready for the crazy all out knitting to take a little breather. Of course once I send off everything to Warm Woolies the crazy Christmas knitting begins. However, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Christmas stuff.

Speaking of breathers. I forgot that I told a friend I would come over and try on these old clothes she has tonight and therefore have 30 minutes to eat and be over there. It seems I'm headed off for the evening then!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm having such a good evening and it has nothing to do with elections.

My first official skein of yarn sold at the shop, ready for it's new home.
I'm knitting a sweater vest with some hand dyed Fisherman's wool and it is so soft and this project has been easy and relaxing the whole time.
I got this on Monday from my secret pal at school. Can we say over the top?
They are amazing. I love the cauldron shaped coffee mug and the wonderful teas. I might try some tonight when I deplete the candy stash further :)

Also, I got my LLC! That makes me official with the government! Very exciting night.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement. God has truly blessed me.


My shop Vivid Creation Fibers officially launches today! Here's a little teaser of what you can find in the shop.

Grey-bow mini-skein
Punked sock yarn
Monet roving
Trick or Treat mini-skein
Deep Blue Sea sock yarn
Coral Reef sock yarn
I must give mad props to my tech guy Albert who made this all possible. His help has been priceless.

I would also like to thank all of you have offered your encouragement and support through this blog. For the first 5 customers that order from me they will receive 10% off their purchase. Just type in the code "launch" (without the quotation marks) when you check out.

Thanks again to everyone and happy shopping! Knitting update should come soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

From the Road

I'm heading back from Amelia Island with my brother and his girlfriend. I'm literally in a car as we speak. I love having my Verizon wireless card for my computer at moments like this.

Over the weekend I finished a pair of socks for Warm Woolies.
Socks basking in the light from the car window.

We were staying in Amelia Island for the University of Georgia vs. University of Florida football game which they hold at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. This is supposed to be "neutral" territory because the hatred is so deep between UGA and UF.
View from the upper deck of the Saint John's River.
Unfortunately for Georgia fans we got totally waxed by Florida which only makes me hate them that much more. It was the first time I've ever walked out of game but after our 4th interception I wasn't sure my stomach could handle it.

Once I finished with the socks last night I started in on a center seed stitch panel sweater vest for Warm Woolies.
This week will hopefully see the launch of the store so keep an eye on this blog and on the store!