Saturday, December 27, 2008

Waiting is the Hardest Thing...

I'm waiting for a Needlemaster set by Boye to come in. It's due to arrive on Monday. I'm also waiting for new yarn from WEBS to begin charity sweaters. Until then I'm working on a stealth project and waiting... Unfortunately every project I want to start needs the needles from the Needlemaster set or the yarn from WEBS. So...waiting...

Last night I went out with my family for my cousin Brianna's birthday. I made her a One Day Beret back in July. I think she liked it :)
She took the sophisticated route with sweet tea and Twilight.
And then my cousin Will wanted to try it on.
Brianna makes the beret look a lot better than I did.

Tonight I'm going to watch Batman and Robin (even though it's not the best Batman movie by far, I still have a huge love for Batman) and try and come up with something to eat for dinner. Do Oreos and milk count as a meal?

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Love the beret! Must look it up (not another project!) What yarn did you use?

But do I ever know the blankness of mind when we find we have to create yet ANOTHER meal over the festive season. Having coped with the Big Feasts, I find there is no creativity left in that department at all! Any of those cookies left?