Friday, July 18, 2008

Must Knit Socks...

I finished the One Day Beret yesterday evening (after cleaning and vacuuming). It needs to be blocked so it lays a little flatter. I am not a beret person.But I had fun with it anyways.
I was worried I would run out of yarn. But this is how much I had left over.
Pretty close by my standards. I liked the yarn because it was so interesting. I wish there had been more of the ribbon and interesting other bits. By far there was an unequal portion of mohair. The pattern was super simple and I like how you could use it with any yarn or gauge. If I was more of a beret person I might be tempted to make this for myself. I will say that starting with just 4 stitches was tricky. I put them all on one DPN, turned, and knit the next row (the same way you would do for an i-cord) and then slipped the stitches onto separate DPNs. After that second row you have 8 stitches which is a little more manageable on 3 DPNs.

Yesterday I went to my parent's house to help my mom remove wallpaper from her bathroom and just hang out with her and bond. I knew we'd watch some TV or a movie and I would want to knit so I brought over all the little leftover bits of 100% wool that I used to make sweaters or socks. I cast on for a pair of little-ish Warm Woolies socks and before the end of Hopkins I had turned the heel.
This morning I finished up the toe. I just have to bind off and weave in the ends. I must confess that I love these socks. They are so easy to make and they don't take 15 years like I imagine some socks do (remember for a minute that I made knee high striped socks...). I feel compelled to keep knitting these until I run out of the last bit of yarn that I own. I know that I have 15 things in my Ravelry queue but I'm fixated on little socks and sweaters right now. I think knowing that they go to such a good cause spurs me on. And the fact that I use bulky yarn and big needles means that these projects are done super fast. Well, it's off to bind off some little(-ish) socks!

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