Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the Season

...for putting the flannels on the bed and thermals under everything I wear. I swear as I get older I get more and more cold-natured.

It's also the season for Stitches South!!!

I'm so excited about going to my first major knitting show. I've already signed up for two classes: You Don't Need a Pattern for That! and Celtic Cables. I would like to sign up for another class but I'm waiting until after Christmas to see if I have a little extra spending money. Plus I have to save for the market! I would almost rather buy 3 more skeins of yarn than go to another class but at the same time there are some really interesting classes being held. And since I will be taking Friday off from work to go it would be nice to have a full day of things to attend :)


Wipe Out said...

...hmmmm... To use an analogy, it looks like what i WAS to gamer you ARE to knitter.

How long have you been knitting for?

jdarling5513 said...

Hello there!

I was your server at Jillian's about 2 months ago and I just stumbled accross the address to your page.

It appears that I have a lot of reading ahead of me but wanted to say hi and I didnt forget about you!

jdarling5513 said...
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DragonsChest said...

Oooo, Stitches South sounds like so much fun. I'm completely jealous. Have fun!