Sunday, December 7, 2008


I wrote another post that I was originally intending to put up but I just felt like it was too sappy. Maybe I'm just afraid of being too personal on the blog.

Knitting is coming along. I've very excited that I can actually see the end of all the Christmas knitting. I'm really glad I scaled back on the number of gifts I decided to make (note to self: start Christmas knitting in June next year). When I finish I think I'm going to crank out a hat for myself since I realized the other day that I have exactly zero practical hats that I can wear to work. I have some silly hats with tassels and crazy colors and slogans on them but nothing that's just beautiful in a plain way and looks nice enough to wear around the playground with the little ones. Then I'm thinking some fingerless mitts. And of course I have that sweater I wanted to do... even have the yarn ready to begin it...

For the last 3 weeks I've been battling a runny nose and head congestion thanks to the chill that has settled in. It's making me tired and ready for a vacation. Only 2 more weeks until we have Christmas break! Then maybe I can nurse my cold.

The run up to Christmas is proving to be a tough one so I'm trying to revive some old hobbies like ARMA and composing music to help me keep the holiday blues away. It helped that I went out with some friends last night to celebrate my friend BK's birthday. It was nice to be around people that love me and make me laugh. Hopefully more of that will help combat the holiday yucks too.

For now, it's off to knit some more and listen to a snoring cat.

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DragonsChest said...

I started my Christmas knitting in July, and my memo to self for next year? Cut back on the knitted gifts, stop time, or figure out a way to knit as fast as the Yarn Harlot. Since the only feasible one is the first option, that's what I'll most likely do. Not everyone will get knitted gifts. le sigh