Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nights in Morocco

Nights in Morocco is the theme of the Christmas party they are having on The Office. Hilarious.

One of my Christmas knitting projects is done. I can't show you it yet but I can show you what was left of the yarn:
I had to snap this picture really quickly before Penelope caught on to what was happening. Waking her up is one thing but making her aware of the situation is by far worse.

I'm thinking that the Burnished Tunic will be my next project but I don't have the needles I need.
In fact I don't have needles for about a dozen other projects I want to start. How do I end up with 24 sets of needles and not one set that I need for any of the 60 or so projects I have queued (ok, I don't really want to make all 60 of those projects right now but you know what I mean...).

So instead of starting anything else, I finished up this pair of socks!
Yeah for Jaywalkers!

They need to be blocked (which means I need to get some sock blockers) but they look good and I'm pleased as punch with them.
These socks continue to grow my love for hand knit items, especially socks :)


By George said...

I love those socks. I have a pair of socks started for over a year. I wish I could up my speed on knitting.

Lynn said...

Yes The Office was hysterical. My favorite was when Jim wrapped Dwight's entire desk and when he sat in it it all fell apart. I LOL'd at that one!!!

DragonsChest said...

Those jaywalkers are Sa-weet! I haven't yet done this pattern, but I do have it queued.