Sunday, December 14, 2008


On Friday night my friend BK came over. We watched In the Name of the King and made cookies. I also taught her how to knit. Can I just say, she's a natural. First, she picked out a great skein to learn with: Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm bulky weight cormo in Avocado. Then, I only had to show her twice before she picked up on the knit stitch. Before I knew it I looked over and she had completed 2 rows...and they looked good! When we finished watching the movie she had done about 12 rows. Sure there were a few more stitches on the needle than she started with and there was one little yarn over near the edge but BK was well on her way to making a scarf. The best part was when she looked at me and said, "I like knitting! It's so relaxing!" I know exactly how she feels. Welcome BK to the world of Knitting :)

My current projects on the needles are as follows:
1. The final bit of Christmas knitting.
2. A charity vest I started on Friday while BK learned to knit.
3. A little project that I started for a friend that is turning into a major learning experience.

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