Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Actually Conversation

Just a little light hearted moment I thought I would share...

An actually conversation from my 1st grade classroom today.

Me: J (little boy) your desk is a mess!
J: I know! When you tell us to clear our desk I just throw everything inside like this...(throws a pencil inside and a piece of paper and book fall out).
Me: :::sigh::: start to walk away
A (little girl who sits next to J): leans over and looks in J's desk Ms. Brown! J has a sock in his desk!
Me: A sock!?!?
J: triumphantly pulls out a sock

This will totally be my child some day. I can see it now...

Ring! Ring!
Me: Hello?
Lady: Mrs. So-and-so (My last name will not really be So-and-so, nor will it be Brown. By this point I'm married of course. Probably to Billy Corgan or Prince William. Whoever gets to me first.)? I'm Mrs. O'Malley from the prestigious private Scottish primary school you send your son to (Because at this point I will of course be living in a mansion/castle on the Scottish moors. Surrounded by fog, wind, and maybe sheep. Depends on whether my rock star or future king of England husband will feel like hiring someone else to look after said sheep. Otherwise, no dice.).
Me: Of course! What can I help you with Mrs. O'Malley.
Lady: Well, I hate to call in the middle of the day (Of course this doesn't matte because I don't work. Thanks to my rock star or future king of England husband) and bother you but we found a sock, a clean pair of underpants, and a men's silk tie in your son Phoenix's (Because that is actually what I plan on naming my first son) desk today. It just seemed a little odd.
Me: Well, thank you for letting me know. I'll have a talk with him tonight once he gets over the moat. Now I have to go let my rock star or future king of England husband know we found his good tie.

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