Friday, January 2, 2009

Not Resolutions...Goals

Resolutions sound so...resolute. Therefore I'm making goals for 2009. Goals have a little more flexibility to me. They can change if need be as long as the general theme stays the same.

1. Walk at least 3 times a week. I've already started this somewhat so hopefully this will be easy to maintain.
2. Cook at least twice a week. A little harder considering I don't like to cook for just myself but I'm going to try.
3. Knit more for charity. Easy since Warm Woolies is starting a new campaign.
4. Branch out socially with my knitting. Hopefully another easy thing to do thanks to being put in contact with a local knitter who has good connections in this area.
5. Be more social in general. This can be tough for me since I'm an introvert but I want to make it a point to hang out with my friends at least once a month.
6. Be more involved at my church. My life group now meets on Sunday nights so I'll be free to work in the preschool area.
7. Go on another mission trip. I want to go to Romania this summer and work in an infant hospital and orphanage.
8. Dye at least twice a month for my store.

I think this is a good start. Since these are goals I can add to these as needed. Now a quick recap from the last week or so...

First there was a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and took a backstage tour. My mom, my aunt, my cousin Brianna, my uncle, and I got to go through all the inner halls of the aquarium and then we went to the top of the tanks and got to see the whale sharks and belugas. There were about 100 pictures that I haven't really shifted through. Maybe tomorrow...?

On New Year's Eve I went to Buckhead with some friends to an Irish Pub. Last week I managed to convert my friend SB to knitting. Here she is in the back of the car on our way downtown. Serious commitment. Did I mention she finished this scarf (that she started that night) the next day? Yeah, she's hooked.
I made a cowl in one night. I rocked it at the pub.
Here's a full length picture of the cowl but you still can't see the cable pattern very well.
Yesterday I finished an Unoriginal hat that I had started at the end of last week.
I love the pattern, I love the yarn (Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, bulky cormo), I love the color, I love the fit. Perfect "grown up" hat for wearing on the playground with the little ones.

I used my new Boye needlemaster set to make this hat.
I love these needles. I like the sharpness of the needles and the joins are nice and tight, no snagging (unlike some of my other needles :::sigh:::). Maybe I'll start a new sweater tomorrow with them.


annmarie said...

Buckhead's seen a lot of changes since I lived in the Alhambra Apartments on Peachtree in the mid-70s! :)

DragonsChest said...

Best of luck with your goals; you sound like a lady after my own heart with them. Happy New Year!