Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This or That

As I mentioned yesterday I will be signing up to be a part of the Ravelympics (Ravelry link). At first I thought I would make another Warm Woolies sweater and finish up my designing bits for my sweater in the round pattern at the same time. Kill 2 birds with one stone type of thing. And I figured that I could crank at least one out in 16 days. Then I started to realize that this might be a little difficult for the following reasons:

1. I just bought yarn for a Snezi oversized shrug (Rav link).
2. I think I bought too much yarn for the shrug.
3. I have to return any unused yarn in 30 days.
4. I must knit the shrug in 30 days then.
5. It has been a week since I bought the yarn already.
6. I would have to finish the pre-lim design bits for my sweater in the round pattern.
7. I would still need to purchase yarn for the sweater in the round.
8. I wanted to hand dye the yarn for the next Warm Woolies sweater in 2 shades of purple.
9. I would also need to finish a sock and half for Summer of Socks.

In order for any of the above to happen then...

1. The cat cannot make a mess anywhere in the house for the next week and half.
2. I cannot do laundry, buy groceries, or wash dishes for a week and half.
3. I cannot work for a week and half.
4. I cannot leave my house for a week and half.
5. There will be no reading or looking on the internets for a week and half.

...and that's just to get the first list done before August 8th.

In short, I think I will have to bid Team Charity a warm "Good Luck!" and join in on the sweater sprint event. Sounds like a much less stressful plan.

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