Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where to Start?

What happens when you try and hand wind some Artyarns Ultramerino 4 into a ball. Well, it tends to make a huge mess if you decide that you can just lay the hank out and pull as you go.
This kind of mess is best punished by sticking it far down into a plastic bin and forgetting about it...until the second sock is ready to be knit.

What happens when you try and hand wind another hank of the same type of yarn but this time anchor it around your desk chair? Well, that works out pretty well.
Maybe not the nicest ball but certainly better than the first.

Way all this work?
Summer of Socks '08. Sock #1 (I'm a little slow on the start). Not coincidentally this is the special Summer of Socks pattern by Wendy Knits just for the SoS '08. On new US size 0 DPNs none the less. That means...

I finally made it out to Knitch. And there was a huge accident. I fell. I threw out my arm to stop the fall and I swiped some lovely yarn and needles into a bag. And my other hand was holding my debit card. Ooops. Oh look! Yarn!
This is from Lotus Yarns. It's some shiny, reddish/purple red sock yarn (I know you can't really see the sparkles but take my word for it). And the name...
Hairdresser on Fire. I love it.

Hmmm...these also ended up in my bag.
Another set of DPNs (US size 1s) and cashmere blend navy yarn. There is a lot of that in there. Along the lines of 11 balls. I'm using it for a pullover and being the smart one that I am I left all my information on the project in my car...down the street. Therefore, I had to guess. I don't want to run out and I can return what I don't use. Ha! Me? Return yarn?

Finally I leave you with a before...

and an after...
I love my cat but I busted out laughing when I saw the kerchief. It's adorable. And Penelope is wearing it like she is hot stuff.

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