Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Braves Play Here

Last night my Aunt Becky and I went to see the Atlanta Braves (our major league baseball team) play in downtown Atlanta. Our seats were about 18 rows behind the visitors dugout.

Pretty good view, huh? The game didn't fair too well for the Braves. They lost 12 to 3. We still made the most of it though.
Aunt Becky kept a running record of everything that happened at the game. It's actually pretty cool to decipher her little abbreviations and drawings. She taught me a little bit about how to do it last night. Every position has a number, every hit has a code, every run has a stat and you have to keep up with each batters strikes and balls. It sounds complicated, and I guess it kind of is. I think of it like learning to read knitting abbreviations though. The first time you see it, it looks like Greek. The more you study and use it though, the easier it gets. I think it also helped that I played a lot of baseball and have grown up watching it with my dad. I have a more than basic knowledge (I think) of the rules of the game and what errors, RBIs, pop flies, and line drives are.
It was an excellent chance to knit on my Summer of Socks sock. It was about a million and one degrees though so I fear my knitting speed was "sluggish" at best. The guy next to me enjoyed the knitting and told me he would give me his address so I could send him a pair (he didn't really). The people behind us where another story.

Now, I hate to sound like a prude but what is up with people's language? I sat in front of 2 of the most foul mouthed women I have every heard. They dropped the f-bomb every other word along with every other colorful adjective you could think of. It wasn't just, "Come on! Catch the ball!" it was, "F***! Catch the ball b!tches!" I mean, is that really necessary? Maybe once on some crucial play but this was all night. 9 innings straight on every single play. And it just got worse the more they drank (big surprise there) and believe me, they drank a lot. I just don't see the need for it. There are kids who don't need to be hearing that. I think it's a shame that we as a society have become so desensitized to this behavior and so afraid of stepping on someones toes that we either don't notice it or we don't say anything. I almost turned and asked them to please watch their language and to stop yelling so loudly (by the end of the night they were screeching in my ear) but I knew they were pretty belligerently drunk and probably would have just cursed me out and made my evening even worse. However, I know I can't expect people without my same morals to respect the ones I have. They just don't understand where I'm coming from.

Today I was at work for the better part of the day trying to set up my classroom. They used my room for summer school so there are about 10 extra desks that I have to move before I can even reach my bulletin board or wall space. Tomorrow me and my mom (thank goodness for her) are going to try and get the majority of the work done. Consequently, I haven't had much time for knitting today. Especially since I have a huge migraine :( This isn't good because I need to finish my socks. I'm trying to get them done before the Olympics start because I've joined the Ravelympics! I'm so excited but I still have not committed 100% to what I want to do but more on that conundrum tomorrow...

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