Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Bells are Ringing

This weekend I traveled to South Carolina for an friend's wedding. I have known her and her family for almost 15 years. The nice long car ride and evenings in the hotel room gave me time to get some work done on my sock. Ok, a lot of work (especially when watching the History Channel until 12:00 midnight).
I have enjoyed working this sock. It's the Summer of Socks pattern by Wendy Knits (available only to SoS participants). I have never done toe up before but I've liked learning how.
I did have to tink back the first 5 or so rows of the heel thanks to the fact that I can't count to 16. But I like the fact that toe up socks do not require you to pick up stitches for the gussets. Very nice. The pattern is making the sock twist a little (I noticed this when I tried it on) but I'm going to hope that it corrects itself when blocked.

Tomorrow I have training at work all day but then I'm going to a baseball game with my aunt. Good sock knitting time, don't you think? Maybe I should finish untangling that second ball of yarn...

I leave this short post with a picture of Penelope from a few days ago. She looked so sweet and cuddly with her blanket.

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