Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Good" Isn't Exactly the Qualifier I Would Use

Today has been, shall we say, less than stellar. My debit card got rejected this morning at the gas station because it's expired. Stupid, stupid bank not sending me a new one! This, of course, made me late for work where I passed my boss on the way through the door. Avoid eye contact and keep walking. Then at lunch I had to sit through an hour long meeting about proctoring a test. Which I found out I was doing yesterday. Meanwhile, my co-teacher was lounging in his office. I, however, had to rush in as the bell rang and throw something on the board for my students to do. I'm not mad at Jones, just at my situation. Plus I got "The Look" during the meeting because I said something funny and my table started getting loud. Then my students were hell'uns. This resulted in 3 emails to parents and one phone call. I really wanted to be at work until 4:30. And, finally, I come home and the cat has puked up her entire breakfast in the middle of the floor. Did I mention my mom and I spent 4 hours steam cleaning my apartment this fall? I guess I can't be too mad. She just gets really excited about food. And then kind of forgets to chew. I say "finally" because I'm not going to let anything else get me down. I'm going to sit here on the couch with my pudding cup (which I plan to eat),
my cat (Hey! Are you eating again?!?! Stop! You're going to make yourself sick!),
and knit on this knee high sock until such time as I am called away to go have dinner and drinks with my friends N.D. and A.P. Then I'm sure things will look better.

Side note: Now my spell check feature isn't working on my blog. I'm very sorry if anything is incorrectly spelled on here. I was raised on phonics (or is that phonixs?).

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