Friday, April 18, 2008


Seriously, thank goodness... This has been one of "those weeks." The first week back after a long break is always crazy, whether it's Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, or Summer Break. The kids are hyped from being off for a whole week with nothing else to do except watch TV and play video games. The teachers are loathing having to come back and try and make the final push to the end of the year. And to top it off, our brilliant school system decided to have 4 days of standardized testing this week. The kids have to sit for 2+ hours each morning in complete silence and fill in little bubbles. They can't even talk during their "stretch break"! I mean, it all seems a little cruel to me. And I have to stand there and read directions that, if you have the mentality of a 5 year old, you could easily infer on your own. Things like "Read the entire question and select the one best answer." No, I'm going to choose 3 best answers. Geez. I guess the real upside to all this has been the extraordinary amount of knitting time I've gotten.

Here's the Warm Woolies sweater vest. All it lacks is a good proper blocking.

Bad colors in this next one but it lets you see the seed stitch panel in the front.
Warm Woolies Seed Stitch Center Panel Vest (pattern available free here)
US size 9 circular needles
Paton's Classic Wool in Natural Marl worked held together throughout (approx. 2 skeins used though I had some of each left over)

I think this pattern has made me seriously addicted to 100% wool. I mean, I'm actually having delusions of owning a sheep. It's just that there would be no where to put it in my apartment. They need to kick it up a notch on those patio sheep...(you know, like the cows...only...sheep)

With the completion of the sweater vest I did a little bit of work on my second knee high sock which had been recklessly neglected and lying in my knitting bag.

Not much progress but some is better than none. As for updating my Ravelry page...well, Saturday is still part of "this week." For now, I'm exhausted and craving a warm bath and cozy bed.

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