Monday, April 28, 2008

If You Can't See... says "National Champions." Yep, on Friday UGA secured it's 4th back-to-back(-to-back-to-back) national gymnastics title. And on Saturday 2 of our girls placed first in their events. It was well worth the drive up there 3(!) nights in a row.
Saturday was also the day of baby-sitting Munchkin #1 (#2 is on the way and due to arrive in August/September). Is he not the cutest thing?!?! And so well behaved too.
And, yes, there was lots of knitting.
These are for a mitered square child sized blanket. I can turn out one every 45 minutes to an hour. Each square is made with a fraternal twin. Same number of rows before a yarn changed just reversed order (ex. if I start with purple and after 3 rows change to multi then on the "twin" I start with multi and after 3 rows switch to purple).
These 2 have subtle changes that you might not catch unless you were looking for them but you can really see the fraternal thing on the squares in the lower left hand corner above (because they are worked with a majority of one color and only have 4 rows in the contrasting color).
Changing it up keeps it just interesting enough that I haven't grown tired of knitting them...yet.
I had to give you a view of the reason why I love my apartment.
That is the view from my office windows. It's like living in a tree house. I could totally be a member of the Swiss Family Robinson.

And, look close...can you see it?
Right in the middle is a blossom. The trees are full of them but, unfortunately, they were a little hard to capture.

For now I'm off to knit more mitered squares and wait for the groomer to come (45 minutes late and counting...grrr!).

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