Thursday, April 10, 2008

And Then There Was Knitting

I started the second knee high purple and red sock. Please ignore the power cord and broken laptop. Just pretend there are only socks here.
I messed up with my make one increases on the second sock and got these lovely holes but I'm too stubborn to go back and fix them so I'll sew or graft or work some yarn magic when I'm all done to close those up.
Don't they look like evil little gnome eyes?
And I started this:
"This" was supposed to be a tank top designed by handmade mom (it's from her old blog, beak knits). However, I'm unhappy with it. Why? Well...
My waste yarn left these wonderful, dark colored, tufts of itself all throughout my cast on. And I'm not so happy with how my cast on looks either.
Gahhh! Plus I found a place where I carried the yarn in a totally incorrect way. Stupid, stupid, stupid! And I wanted to have this done for summer. I don't think I can unravel the thing and start again because of the dark tufts lurking about but I'm going to try. And if that doesn't work, well, I bought a whole cone of this cotton. I don't think a few yards will be missed.
In closing I give you...Penelope the Queen of Persia.
I hear what you are saying but I seriously doubt the validity of your statements.

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