Sunday, April 6, 2008

Star Struck

This spring break is starting off great. Today was the Yarn Harlot's visit to Atlanta. I was able to get a seat about 5 rows from the front.
Here's the YH talking a picture of her sock and the crowd.
And starting her speech.
It was hilarious. And, I know, this sounds weird, but I was really interested in hearing her voice. I always imagined it as a "normal" woman's voice. Kind of high and well, typical. I was so glad to hear her voice and realize it's not girlie but a little on the deeper side. This is not a slam in any way. See, my voice is on the lower side too. It's not very girlie in my opinion. My thought was, if Stephanie Pearl-McPhee can have a voice like that and get on stage and tell a combination of stand up comedy and life advice and write books on knitting, then maybe I won't turn out so bad.
And then the best thing happened. I stood in line to have the YH sign her new book for me (P.S. I only bought the book while I was in Knitch. I didn't even touch any yarn. Otherwise I would have bought a hundred skeins.) And when I got to meet her I asked her to take a picture with my knee high sock. And boy was it a picture!

She told me this was a "serious sock," "more like a foot oven." And then she took my picture. I don't know if it will end up on her blog. But I really hope so. And she also signed my book for me (of course).Sorry it's sideways. I forgot to flip it on its side before I uploaded it.
When I got home I sewed in all the loose ends and voila! A knee high, stripped sock.
This is the first time that I got the toe as square as I wanted it (why do my first few Kitchener stitches look all wonky like that every time?).
See how the increases and decreases look so lovely? And how the cat tries to act interested? And how bendy my leg is?
Look at my partridge heel. So sturdy and effective.
I would have liked my ribbing to be a little tighther but I like this sock. Don't you?
I've cast on for the second one but seeing as how I knit at the Knit-In and during the YH's talk today (about 3 hours total) I think I'm going to read through my new book and admire my sock.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful serious sock! And thanks so much for the Harlot shots; I came here from her site and it's always fun to see the other perspective.