Sunday, April 13, 2008

When You Take a 3 Hour Nap You Can Stay Up Late

I started the second sock to the pair that I began on Friday yesterday but ended up frogging the whole thing and beginning again. I wasn't happy with the stitches I picked up for the heel. I restarted them today and finished the second sock.
One little problem though...the second one came out a wee bit bigger than the first. This isn't something that I've had a problem with before. Granted I've only made one other complete pair of socks, but still.
I'm hoping that I can block the first one out to make them the same size. I was surprised that I had almost a full ball (50 grams) of the Classic Elite yarn left from making the socks. So, I cast on for a hat.
This is the perfect baby hat. It turned out a great size. See, perfect for little baby heads :)
And the spiral at the top turned out great!

Very productive knitting this weekend. Both of these were knit for Warm Woolies and will be sent off with a sweater that I may have bought some yarn for today...

Yarn-Classic Elite Beatrice in Aspen Grove
Needles-US size 9
Pattern-Warm Woolies 2007 Socks

Yarn and needles-same as above
Pattern-Warm Woolies Phat Hat

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