Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Procrastinators of the World Unite...Tomorrow

Today was early release at school (where I work). To meant to take my huge knitting bag with me so I could knit for 2 hours without worrying that the President might call and declare my apartment a disaster zone (it might need a little cleaning). However, I was rushing out the door because I was late (go figure) and I left the bag sitting neatly next to the door. Always prepared though, I picked up some yarn from my knitting class stash and worked on a 4th baby hat that I had cast on earlier this week.
Plain stockinette stitch baby hat with a 1" K2P2 ribbing at the bottom. US size 10 needles and some old skool yarn, I mean, seriously old. So old that I can't even tell you what it's called because the ball band is at work and I can't even find something remotely close on the internets (I think it was Krystal by Bernat or something along those lines). And dudes, this yarn is funky.
It's all fuzzy and I don't even think it's plied. It's just like someone pulled long lengths of fleece and then kind of bunched it into a skein. Weird.
And it is sooooooo split-y. Every time I go to pick up a stitch I have to be careful or I'll take half a loop with me and then make it look all wonky. It's turning out to be an ok hat. I ripped back to the ribbing twice because I was trying to use some cute stitches but they just weren't working for me (I think it was knitter error). I finally gave in and began some mindless stockinette. I wish I could do some cool snowflake pattern because that's what this yarn reminds me of. But I'm not that motivated to figure it out nor to write a pattern for it.

Tonight I braved the 30 degree (Fahrenheit) temps to do my Valentine's shopping (do not even lecture me on waiting until the last minute, that's just how I roll). After coming home I decided that tonight was for sock knitting.
I'm wearing one sock to motivate myself to finish the other one so I can have 2 warm feet tonight instead of just one.

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