Sunday, February 17, 2008

FO's Abound!

I finished up on a lot of stuff between last night and tonight. First off, the 4th baby hat. I tried to get Penelope to model the hat...
But she didn't want to wear it on her head. How about here?
And....ta da! Yellow socks!
So cool...oh wait...what's that?
Oops, different decreases on both socks. On the left sock I did the gusset decreases on ever row and on the right I did them every other row (as suggested in the Yarn Harlot's recipe). I like the decreases on the left sock and in the future if/when I make these socks again I would probably do the decreases that way.
I still love these socks. I kept them on until my feet started to sweat because it was 80 degrees in my apartment.
So, there was celebrating...
Once I finished those I immediately cast on for an ear flap hat from the book Knitting in No Time. I finished it tonight.

Side view:
Side view 2:
I like this hat very much. I was afraid that I would run out of yarn so I did a crochet bind off (a la the Yarn Harlot) instead of a regular bind off. In the future I would do a regular knit bind off. There was plenty of yarn left over. Also, the ear flaps come down past my ears. But it looks pretty cool none the less. I really like the colors and the hat is really warm. Penelope came to check out the action. However, she didn't really seem to care too much. Maybe I should have let her try and wear it...

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