Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy as a Bee

This week has been crazy. A week of highs and lows and running around and so much more. I'm a little sad I haven't been able to put in more knitting time though. I was so hopeful that I would have a pair of booties for my friend's baby shower this weekend. Wishful thinking...
Baby bootie number one...4 rows done...
On a normal week I think I could have done it. I'm not super woman or anything but I'm a pretty good knitter and 2 baby booties should not have given me such fits. As it was though, my co-teacher has been out since Wednesday so I've been more than a little busy teaching. When I get home the time I had planned to spend on baby booties was spent knitting one bootie, deciding I didn't like it, ripping it out, and going to bed. Then on Thursday I went to see some of my former students at the high school. I did manage to knit these before then.

Yep, hand knit rings. For a student. Who wasn't there! That was 30 minutes I could have been working on the baby booties. Oh well.

Today, Penelope was trying to ruin any picture taking moments by demanding my attention. Example 1:

Trying to eat a bag in which knitting is normally contained. Example 2:
Practically standing on knitting while picture is being taken with big fluffy butt in the way. Such a diva.

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