Monday, February 11, 2008

I Must Be Doing Something Right

I know there aren't many things I'm good at. I'm a good conductor but until Robert Spano or Donald Runnicles keels over I don't think I have a shot at that career. One day I think I'll be a pretty kickin' mom seeing as how I've been preparing to look after children since the day I was born. I also feel I'll be a pretty good wife. But seeing as how I'm missing a few important steps to having those things I have to find something else to be good at. In which case, I think I'm a pretty good knitter. When I'm knitting everything just feels right. Even when I'm having to rip or fix or, heaven forbid, invest in some heavy duty thinking I feel like I'm doing something good. I think some of it stems from rarely knitting anything for myself. But even then, I just feel like knitting is a step in the right direction. Now if I could just find a way to make money off this I would be set (and believe me, I'm investigating it). In the meantime, some knitting...

Remember the zig zag scarf? Notice I've only done 2 repeats of the pattern...yawn...

Welcome to the frog pond zig zag scarf!
It was reincarnated as a T-Strap Baby Bootie. There will be another one soon.
I love this pattern. It took me about an hour and half to knit the whole thing. I like to work with that Bernat Chunky yarn (colorway: Nature's Way) and it turned out too cute for words. In the future I think I'll make them using a smaller needle to get closer to the actual suggested size. However, being an anti-swatcher I don't mind at all that they are more a size 10 months than 3 like I had planned. You can see all this...and more!...on my Ravelry site.

Also, I received my new yarn from WEBS. Thus, I bring you...yarn porn ;)

More Jaeger Roma yarn in Leaf so I can make the Presto Chango baby sweater. The best thing...this is the same dye lot as my other Jaeger Roma so I have more than enough for my project.

Some Rowan Biggy Print for a ear flap hat for myself from this book.

And finally some Susan Bates needles for various knitting projects.

Tonight I felt like dinner was overrated so I opted instead for this:
A Glamour mag and Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream. Delicious :)

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