Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow, Sweaters, and Shop

1. For the first (and possibly only) time this year, it is snowing.

This was just as I pulled into my parking spot coming home from church. I didn't think this would really be anything to worry about since snow rarely sticks around here in Georgia for long.
But after only a few hours you can see it's already sticking to the pavement.
Unlike our northern or mid western neighbors, the South is not equipped for snow. We have a few salt trucks for when there are ice storms (more common than snow storms) but they will only do major highways around Atlanta. The bigger threat though is the snow melting and re-freezing. Black ice is crazy bad to deal with.

2. Yesterday I finished knitting on the Turino Bulky Pullover I was making for Warm Woolies.
I'm counting this as finished in a month even though I have to block, weave in ends, and seam under the arms. However, the major part of the project, the knitting, is finished.

3. I did a shop update yesterday. Here are the new colorways:

Bleeding Hearts
Spring Blossoms
As always each color is available in sock or bulky weight yarn or 4 oz. of roving.

I've opened the blinds so I can watch the snow fall and will more than likely spend the afternoon resting, knitting, and watching my favorite T.V. show, Legend of the Seeker. Stay warm!

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