Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happiness is...

...a plan for fair isle that is working.
My Warm Woolies, self designed sweater. A weeks work on it and it's looking pretty good! Can I finish it before the end of the month? We'll see.

...a Saturday morning thunderstorm.
Maybe I'm the only person who likes cloudy, cool, rainy days but I have been strangely productive this morning because of it.

a box of fluffy yarn, begging to be knit.
You've seen this before but I still haven't photographed the individual skeins yet. I've taken to pulling out a skein or two each time I pass by and just giving them a good squeeze.

...bulky, undyed yarn ready for the pot and all for me!
Ok, so there's some roving and sock yarn in there for the shop too but most of it will be mine. I already have plans for it: another self designed, maybe one day for sale, sweater.

a new catnip lobster.
I bought this for Penelope when I went to Boston (yes, I bought my cat a souvenir) and just remembered to give it to her last night. She went crazy rolling and licking it. I noticed it already had a piercing hole on its back this morning. I think she likes it.
Hope your Saturday is as lovely, relaxing, and productive as mine!


LISMI said...

I love your self designed sweater. Are you going to write the pattern?

kadezmom said...

That pattern ROCKS. Great job. I love all of your yarn as well. I just ordered a bunch. I love a good addictiion. Can't wait to see your dye jobs.

DragonsChest said...

Aw!!! I love the catnip lobster, and the pics of your kitty rolling around with it. So cute.

Your sweater is looking great. Very nice design, too. :)

Lynn said...

No you are not the only person who enjoys a day like that! I do too. Esp after a few months of hot summer sun. And I either get a ton done around the house or I just sit and read. It's an either/ or kind of day.