Monday, February 23, 2009

Yes that is a scrunchie in my hair...

So what if I'm sacrificing personal style for things like knitting and sleeping. It's not like I have anyone to impress (and at this rate I never will). So what have I been up to since my inner fashionista has been MIA? First there was dyeing.

I never showed you the cool aprons my Aunt Becky made me for Christmas. This is one.
There is another with a rather cheeky saying that I'll save to show you later :)

While dyeing I realized how much I love bulky yarn and how much I love this base yarn. It blooms so nicely when it's dyed. Here's my latest batches. I tried to put my hand in there so you could see the size of these balls (That's what she said! Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Top to bottom are : Lilac, Bleeding Hearts, Spring Blooms, and Firebird. All will be in my shop very, very soon.

Another size comparison. This time with the sock yarn.
Huge I tell you. Huge.

My favorite fibers from the dye session:

Spring Blooms roving (makes me wish I knew how to spin)
Firebird bulky (I make a mini skein of this to keep for myself)
Frosted Raspberries (This is all mine. I realized that I haven't dyed anything for myself since opening the shop. The shop was originally set up to just be a little side project to my personal dyeing but it seems that it's the other way around. I plan on changing that.) P.S. If you really like this and want some for yourself you can email me infoATvividcreationfibersDOTcom and I might be convinced to do a custom order :)
And a mini skein of Skittles sock yarn.
Taste the rainbow.

I've also been knitting. My mojo came back in a flurry just in time to start the Mystery Sweater Knit-A-Long for Warm Woolies.
Christiane did a great job designing this sweater and organizing this KAL. I have a good ways more to go before Friday when the next part of the pattern is revealed.

Other projects have taken a back burner to the Mystery Sweater but before I cast on for that I did manage to finish one sleeve of my Turino Bulky Pullover
and this much of a second sleeve.
I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this month so I may knit on it tonight instead of the miles of stockinette on the Mystery Sweater.


Lynn said...

That's what she said! (snicker)

Great yarns!! You do a great job in your dyeing!! And nice sweaters too. I have yet to cast on for the sweater KAL for WW. I have the yarn, but not the time.

Knittymuggins said...

Oooh, LOVE the Firebird! And the Skittles shade is adorable too :)

I'm excited to see how the WW mystery sweater KAL goes. I really wanted to join in, but was afraid to commit with all the other stuff on my plate right now. Glad you're enjoying yourself though! I may end up lurking, who knows ;)


Sarah Pomranka said...

Great site. I love the yarns, I am super impressed with your book choices too. I make my students read the book thief before 10th grade. Thanks... keep knitting!