Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Go Bragh!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I'm really wishing I was somewhere where the party has been going for hours already with really good Irish beer and authentic Celtic music. Alas, it's not to be this year. Maybe some day though.

I spent the weekend with part of my family in Boston. My brother was looking at graduate school at Harvard or MIT (guess we know who the smart one in the family is) and so my mom, my aunt, my brother's girlfriend and her mom, plus me all tagged along. Poor guy. All those women. He handled it well though.

Our hotel, the Liberty Hotel, was uber swanky. Probably the nicest I've ever stayed in.
The room before my brother and I destroyed it.

At the end of every bed were these super nice knitted blankets. If of course insured requests for 2 hand made ones.
Friday we toured Harvard and the surrounding area of Cambridge.
The entry gates at Harvard.

I saw this really cool "graffi". I think it was done by Shepherd Fairey who did the Obama political posters. Definitely his style anyways.
We got to see Frank Gehry's building for MIT.
Visited MIT.
Listened to the Boston Symphony (or at least part of it) and the Cantata singers.
Walked the Freedom Trail from start to finish.
I took lots of pictures of the cemetaries I saw. It's a little morbid by they looked so surreal to me.
My brother and his girlfriend rode the ducks. This is an installment based off the book Make Way for Ducklings.
Walked outside of Cheers.
Watched the T rolling across the water.

And then headed home. Thanks to a lot of rain in Atlanta we were delayed a bit at the airport but arrived home early Monday morning safe and sound. Yesterday, after work, I slept off the last little bit of tiredness I had from running around all weekend so that I could hit the ground running today.

Tonight I'll be at book study instead of the pub but hopefully I can celebrate a little this weekend. Maybe I'll even dye some Irish themed yarn (as an afterthought).

P.S. It should noted that today is also the birthday of my favorite lead singer Billy Corgan, thus making this one of the best days of the year.

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