Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Spaceship Has Landed

And look! It's brought Space Monkeys!
Ok, it's actually a sock. But it's the Monkey pattern by Cookie A in Socks that Rock Heavyweight colorway Space Dust. So it's a Space Monkey! Cat included in picture just because she was there. And curious.
But she soon tired of that.
I tried to get her to wear it like a hat but she would have none of that either.
These pictures do not do the color in this yarn justice. Of course taking pictures in a dimly lit apartment at 9:45 at night never really did anyone or anything justice. I also realized I have shown you exactly zero pictures of my progress on my Mystery Sweater KAL for Warm Woolies.
This is the second part, the front yoke.
And this a pretty lousy, crumpled up picture of parts 1 and 2. I'll try and take some better, more detailed pictures this weekend when I will actually be home while the sun is up.

I realize that I am terribly behind in updating on all my knitting goings on. There was a very important arrival a few weeks ago that should have facilitated some knitting (but hasn't yet, go figure) and there is a secret project I'll be shipping out by next week that I need to take pictures for the blog. I have been so crazy busy lately when I come home from work it's not even funny. My weekends up until this point have been jam packed and things don't seem to be slowing down but I'm trying to get out of this "post once a week" funk. Next week I'm going on an impromptu trip with part of the fam to Boston! I've never been so if you have any "must sees" or good places to eat (P.S. I love seafood) please let me know about them. Also, if you know of a good yarn shop right off the subway that would be golden :)


Sarah Pomranka said...

Great photos, cute cat! I have been doing felted bags on double-pointed needles so I think I am ready for socks (hrm, maybe). My knitting buddy and I are getting together this weekend to work on some projects. You have inspired me to take photos of my knitting and write more about it. Take care!

Lynn said...

Pretty kitty!! And you are lucky that the sock is still in one piece!!
Great job on the Mystery KAL sweater, I'm still on row 8!
And hey, at least you post once a week. There are times I'm a wknd blogger just because the week can be so hectic!!

Sue said...

Your Monkeys are so pretty. Isn't it a fun pattern? (And your cat is cute.)

I enjoyed reading your blog and am going to check out your shop. Great colors on the yarn.

Thanks for the book reviews. I'm going to look for a few of them.

Knittymuggins said...

Sorry everything's been crazy busy for you lately :( I totally understand that feeling! Hope it gets better soon!

The good news is, your Monkey socks look awesome & your Mystery KAL sweater for WW does too :) Is it knit in pieces or seamless? Just curious. I hate sweaters knit in pieces, so that would help me decide if I want to try it myself or not :)

Have a great weekend & get some rest!