Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today was a surprisingly good day for a Tuesday. Maybe because I knew this was coming:
A bunch of yarn from WEBS! All Cascade, all in bulky weight. There's Eco + and 128. I'm going to use it for charity knits. Once I get all of it out and squish it around for awhile I'll take individual pictures (maybe even put them on Ravelry!).

Yesterday night I started a new sweater while having a mini knit night with my friend BK. I'm designing a sweater with a simple fair isle pattern on the chest. I've gotten about 8 inches done on the body in just two days!
I've got serious knitting mojo! Of course this is only a child's size 10 and I'm using bulky weight yarn on size U.S. 10.5 needles but I digress...serious mojo nonetheless.

When I'm not getting behind on blogging I'm getting behind on reading other people's blogs. I just checked my friend Lynn's blog and she has bestowed on me my very first blog award!
I'm supposed to choose 5 people for the award. Then they choose 5 people and the blog love continues. My five people are:

Knit Purl Girl
The Tsock Tsarina

All these ladies have wonderful blogs and they either leave great comments here or when I leave a comment for them they send me a lovely email in return. Happy blogging ladies!

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Lynn said...

I LOVE getting squishy and/or boxy mail of fiber!!

and I feel honored to bestow on you your first bloggy award!! If I was a better award poster, I would have notified my winners in advance. instead I wait until they visit to find out they won!!!