Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will My Head 'Splode?

Only time will tell. I've got a lot to do this week in order to make this week and next a success. I'm trying to keep it all straight but I have a feeling it will all come down to the line. No worries though! I have knitting!

Finished the second fingerless glove tonight at knit night. Looks a lot like the first one.
You wouldn't believe how hard it is as a right handed person to take a picture using your left hand. Or maybe you do.

I'm on the first sleeve of my self designed Warm Woolies sweater. Kind of looks too big to me.
It is in the drop sleeve style, which is notoriously roomy, but I've been decreasing every 3 rows and it still has a very large opening. Maybe it will look better when I'm finished. I'm keeping the hope alive.

I dyed some yarn on Saturday. Most was for myself but I did one colorway for the store.
I think I'm going to call this "B Scene." I just think it's catchy. This is the sock yarn and it will be reskeined before it goes in the store but you can get an idea of the colors I used.

As I mentioned, I dyed a lot for myself. And, as I should have expected, it turned out nothing like I thought it would. This skein should be grey-blue, dark green, and brown. I was going to call it "Field, Forest, and Sky."
Um, so where is the brown? Oh right! The purple you see? That should be the brown parts. Riiiiight...Thanks brown dye for crapping out on me. I mean I could understand if I had just mixed some dyes together but you are specifically designated to make brown. And yet...
Oh wait! Are you trying to be brown? I laugh at your futile and pathetic attempts! Ha ha ha!

Now we have "Mountains, Forest, and Sky." You know, like "purple mountains majesty"? This was going to be another self designed, male geared sweater. But I need you, my dear blog readers, to give me an honest opinion: Is this too girlie now due to the brown debacle? Or does it still look "manly" enough for a tween-ish boy?

Ok, so all that wouldn't be so bad if the next thing hadn't happened. See, I was going to take the grey-blue and make a semi-solid to go with the hand painted. Except...I ran out of the original batch of grey-blue and had to make a new one. Except...I ran out of grey. So I had to kind of fudge it. And I ended up with 2 skeins of grey-blue and 2 skeins of blue-grey. That wouldn't seem to make such a big deal but it's enough that I will have to alternate skeins every other row or so.
The front skein is grey-blue, the back blue-grey.

I'm still optimistic about the outcome of the sweater despite some set backs. It just makes me want to work on my dyeing skills even more. And I still love this base yarn. I want to bathe in it, it's so fluffy. You can be sure there will be more personal experiments in the future.

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kadezmom said...

The good part about the sweater you designed is that they ASK for the sweaters to be roomy for multiple it even too big for that??? It LOOKS good.

As for the brown wanting to be purple and too a piece. We both know it'll change when knitted up. Who knows what we'll see then. (but it isn't nearly as girly looking as you're thinking it is...)

I like the blue-grey grey-blue too.

Love the fingerless knits, you done GOOD.