Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whatever I Did, I'm Sorry

I'm back! Christmas was good this year. I got lots of nice things and it was really nice to hang out with my family. New York was cool too. I like to visit but I was glad that we only went for one day. We saw so much and went to a fab play (go see the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee...hilarious). There were a few drawbacks...which seem to have spilled over into today. First off the Hat From Hell was, well, hellish. I put the thing on for 1 hour while we toured Chinatown. The brim was too big so it didn't sit tight on my head. Then, the scarf part was too heavy and as I walked around the thing began to slip off my head. I put it in my backpack after awhile and accepted defeat.

When I got back I tried to start working on The Boyfriend Hat. I cast on to a pair of circulars. The cast on was way too tight. I like a tight cast on because it makes the edge look clean. However, this was almost unbearable. But I pressed on and kept working. I knit 3 rows and then I looked at what I'd done. Then I started thinking...the circulars were 29" and the hat was only supposed to be 22". Would that not stretch out the final project making it too big? Is this the reason the scarf/hat didn't work? The circulars were too long and therefore the stitches too loose making the brim too big? Is that why the instructions for my current hat called for 40cm long circulars and not 73.5cm ones? So, I decided to try again and use my DPNs. I messed up on the first row and had to re-cast on so this is what I've done so far on The Boyfriend Hat:
Um, yeah. It may still be cold when I finally finish it. Maybe...

In the meantime I started this:

This is the Bernat chunky yarn that I got on sale. I love the color and how it makes a cool pattern. I'm calling it the Zig Zag Scarf. I'm using a double stockinette stitch. I don't know if Oma Englund is the person who came up with this or if she just contributed it but...I'm loving it. In fact I like all her dense stitches that she submitted and plan on using them soon.

And the Autumn scarf is totally finished. I added some fringe to the ends and that totally completes it.
And here it is modeled by the office chair and the cat's head (sorry it's sideways, don't know why Blogspot does that).

Note: I worked some more on The Boyfriend Hat after a glass of wine and some leftovers from Chow Baby (by the way...go is awesome) and got 2 rows done. It's been a little hard to keep all the stitches on the 2nd DPN (which had 40 stitches on it) but it seems to be working out.

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