Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby Sweater

Above is baby sweater that I knit last February. It's worked in 5 large rectangles and then sewed together. I then turned the sweater inside out so that the seams weren't visible but you can certainly leave them as is. The sweater is a great first project for someone who knows little more than how to cast on, knit, and bind off. The original instructions can be found here:,,HGTV_3263_3298694,00.html
I've also listed them below. The great thing about this sweater is that you can embellish it very easily. I'm working on another one in a preemie size that is in stockinette stitch and has some cabling on the front panels. I'm 2 front panels shy of having it finished but I didn't like the cabling I did originally (and it was too long) so I'm planning on ripping it out and redoing it one of these days.

The blue baby sweater was worked with US size 9 needles and Red Heart worsted weight yarn in Ocean.

1. For the back: Cast on 32 sts and knit for 10 inches.

2. For the front panels (make two): Cast on 16 sts. and knit for 10 inches.

3. For the sleeves (make two): Cast on 26 sts. and knit for 6 inches.

4. Sew together as follows: Place the two front panels on top of the back piece, lining up the shoulders and the sides. Place the sleeves on the table top so that the stitches are running horizontally as you knit them. Give each panel a quarter turn and fold it in half lengthwise (horizontally). Position each sleeve so that the folded edge is even with the shoulder (top edge) of the "sweater". This is just to visualize how everything will go together.

5. Remove one of the front panels and the two sleeves. Sew the top edge of the back piece and the top edge of the remaining panel together, starting in the center and sewing to the outside edge. This will be the shoulder seam. The portion of the front panel that was not stitched can later be folded back for a little lapel if you wish.

6. Fold the front panel back so it is flat on the table top.

7. Pick up one of the folded sleeve pieces and place it in position with the folded edge lined up with the shoulder seam. Unfold it so that the entire end of the piece is lined up along the edge of the sweater. Sew the two pieces together.

8. Fold the front panel back into position. This will also fold the sleeve into position. Sew the bottom seam of the sleeve together.

9. Sew the bottom portion of the sweater front and back together, sewing from underneath the arm to the bottom edge.

10. Repeat the above steps on the other side of the sweater.

***You can use other sizes of needles or different weights of yarn. Just make sure that the front and back panels are the same length.***

The website has figures and pictures that may be more helpful in sewing the pieces of the sweater together.

Please feel free to share this pattern and to print it for your personal use. You may not sell this pattern.

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