Monday, December 10, 2007


They say that even the best laid plans oft go awry. That was Saturday. I had every intention to get more done than actually did. I went Christmas shopping and spent way too much (already). Thankfully I only spent a little on myself (two big storage containers: one for dishes, the other for yarn!). I spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping presents and picking up a little around the apartment. Then the boyfriend called and we went to dinner. Needless to say, the preemie sweater did not even get touched until today. I was able to finish the front left panel this evening.

It will need some serious blocking to make it the correct width. This was my first time at trying to write and use an original pattern. It only took three times of ripping out the whole thing to finally get what I wanted. I'm still not 100% happy with the cast on edge but I can shape it a little when I block the piece later. When I finish the whole thing I'll post the pattern here. I hadn't planned on starting the right panel tonight because I brought some work home. Then I realized I saved all the things I needed to work on to my profile on the work server. Which I can't access from home. So I may start that right panel tonight and leave the real work for tomorrow.

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