Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Simple Scarves

As promised...here are some pictures of some projects I've completed over the past year and half. First up, three simples scarves. These were all knitted using a garter stitch (knit all rows).

Here's a close up of the blue hued scarf. I believe the yarn I used I was Red Heart Multicolor in Ocean (or something very similar). I had this left over from several other projects. I cast on 25 stitches and used US size 13 needles.

This is a close up of the skinny blue scarf. Unfortunately there was no good pictures of the color. The scarf was really shiny and the flash from the camera kept bouncing back. Anyhow...this is a cool scarf. It came in a generic "Learn to Knit" kit I got for my birthday. I would not suggest using this type of yarn to learn to knit. I gave up on it after about an hour. Lion Brand Funky Fur yarn is a type very similar to the one pictured. This scarf is very skinny, about 15 stitches, but long.

This is a close up of the red scarf. It was actually the first thing I ever completed. I'm pretty proud of this because the garter stitch came out really even for someone who had no idea what they were doing. I used Red Heart yarn but I can't remember what the color was. Something dark red and on sale no doubt. I used US size 9 needles and about 20 stitches.

Feel free to mimic any of these designs (they're really tough, I know...). Enjoy!

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