Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

As you may recall from my last post, I was trying to finish the Hat from Hell (HFH). I was working to finish it quickly so that I could use the circular needles to make The Boyfriend a hat (that was the "secret present" I'm using the navy and grey Bernat yarn for). I worked like a fiend for about 3 nights to finish the HFH (and believe me, it wasn't easy). When I finished I checked the size of the needles the Boyfriend Hat called for and the size needles I had (you know, just to be sure). Lo and behold, the HFH needles are 3 sizes larger than the Boyfriend Hat calls for. The moral of the story? Check needle sizes twice, cast on once.

So, no big deal, I'll pick up the right sized needles later. For now I give you

The Hat From Hell in all it's glory (posed here on the Christmas tree to display it's size and bulk).

It's not a bad hat really. Very thick and warm. Here is yours truly trying to model the HFH while not messing up my super styled hair or looking like an idiot (neither really working out for me).

At least I have a hat for New York now. However, there was over 1/2 a pound of both the yarns I used for the HFH left over. And I never want to see them again. I'm thinking about shoving them in the back of the closet and forgetting about them. If you want the pattern go here (Just a side note: When you get down to 30 stitches I would switch to DPNs to finish. Using circulars the whole time is rather difficult but do-able. I used circulars throughout but found the last rows hard to manage.) The Autumn Scarf is almost done.

A newly shaved Persian cat covered in the scarf and the yarn I have left to finish it. I'm like a demon with the needles. I have the energy of 12 knitters. I can see the end of the project and it beacons me. I'm knitting with a new fury. I'm a knitter who isn't going to have time to bake mac and cheese and an appetizer for Christmas Eve dinner tonight if she doesn't get off her bum and go to the store, pronto. Oops.

My next post may be a few days in coming. I received a new digital camera for Christmas (The Boyfriend is in so much trouble) so I need to set that up. Plus the holiday dinners and presents. And then I'll be in New York. Look for me by the end of the weekend.

I wish you all safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

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