Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like...Christmas?

I'm having mixed feelings about the weather here in the South lately. On the one hand I'm very excited that it's so mild and feels like spring is around the corner (I hate cold weather). On the the other hand there are 12 days until Christmas and it is 80 degrees am I supposed to get in the holiday spirit when it feels like I should be at the lake?!?!

In the knitting world I have been working on the final front panel for the preemie sweater. The only difference between this panel and the other one is that the cables go in the opposite direction. I don't have pictures but you can imagine what that looks like. I'm hoping to finish the preemie sweater (well, all the parts at least) today.

I teach a knitting class at the very beginning of the day at the school where I work. Today the little darlings were learning how to bind off so they could take their "finished" projects home over the Christmas break. They were supposed to be using a garter stitch and making a scarf. However, I had several variations on a scarf that look like amorphous blobs, some that looked like Swiss cheese, and one who gave up completely and decided knitting wasn't for him. All in all, out of the 10 kids in the class I would say we got five good scarves. But at least they learned how to knit and I'll be sending them home with instructions for making other things if they like.

My list of knitting projects is growing. And on top of that I have one cross stitch WIP that really needs to be finished just so I can say it's done. Smart one here picked up 3 more very involved cross stitch patterns from a fellow teacher the other day though I have no idea when I will start and/or hope to finish these things. My knitting "To Do" is as follows:

1. Finish preemie sweater, block, and sew.
2. Block multi-colored baby blanket (pictures to follow).
3. Finish faggot stitch scarf.
4. Make a present for The Boyfriend (I know exactly what it's going to be but I want it to be a surprise for him).

Speaking of The Boyfriend... he gets major props from me. He came over to my apartment after our Bible study last night and helped me make muffins. Then he actually acted somewhat interested in my knitting projects. The thing that wins the major points though is that he helped me clean my living room. I despise cleaning in any and all forms and have seriously considered hiring a maid to clean my apartment. He's a sweetheart and I'm not letting him go. Sorry girls.

P.S. I have just discovered an awesome blog written by the Yarn Harlot. I know that some (if not most of you) have already heard of her but I love her blog. And the fact that she has a fluffy cat and, from what she writes, a fairly "lived in" house just like me.

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