Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Open Letter and More

An open letter to my cat, Penelope:
Dear Penelope,

Please stop puking right by the front door. I know that you don't always like the food that I feed you but enough is enough. Also, I know that you puked up water this afternoon. You're just being difficult now. I know that you think doing this will make me more likely to buy your favorite foods but really it just makes me want to throw you out in the below freezing temperature. That is all.

Your Growingly More Disgruntled Mother
Penelope has taken to running around whenever I try and take her picture. She probably knows that the evidence these would contain would be condemning.
Ok, other stuff:

I had knit night last Friday at my house.

My friend BK choose Bella's Mittens as her second ever knitting project. She's ambitious, and doing great, I might add.
I helped her work our using DPNs for the first time (with splitty alpaca none the less).
Those pictures are only funny if you're read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

As with any good knit night we had some "inspiration."
Later that weekend (Saturday to be exact) we had snow flurries (pretty hard to see in this picture but it happened).
Because it was a long weekend I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. on Monday morning to finish my Burnished Tunic! I'm so excited about this and can't wait until it finishes drying so I can seam under the arms and wear it. The temperature has been hanging out in the 20s and low 30s (Fahrenheit, that's -6 to 0 Celsius) so it would be nice to wear something so warm.
I used Shepherd's Wool in Beaches doubled throughout on US size 11 needles from Boye NeedleMaster kit. I tried it on before I washed it and blocked it. It's super warm. I think I could go to Alaska in just this sweater and be ok playing out in the snow. Ok, maybe not that warm but definitely good for the weather we've been having around here lately.

Backing up just a little, on Saturday I went to a knit in at Kay's house (she owns an online yarn store in the area and invited me to knit night on Wednesday's and has taken me as a guest to the Atlanta Knitting Guild). The knit in was to help create centerpieces for Stitches South. I picked up a kit and have been knitting now and then on this:
It's destined to become a giant pink and white Calla Lilly. I'm excited that I'll be able to contribute to Stitches but knitting with 4 strands of yarn is killing my hands! Luckily that makes the knitting go super fast.

The Warm Woolies children's sweater continues to grow.

I'm off to lay some warm wool across my lap and knit!


Katie said...

Love Love the pink and red hat... where DO you get your patterns??

Side note... A couple months ago I started mixing 3 foods together and have not seen a kitty puke since... maybe it's the variety?

Meg said...

i LOVE your hat in the first picture! did you do design/ knit it?

velmalikevelvet said...

Wow, now THAT'S a post! My fave part is the letter to your cat - LOL!

Thanks for your comment on my blog about books, but I think you might have gotten the wrong impression about my reading habits. I don't just read "thinking" books; I read EVERYTHING! The Hobbit is one of my faves, too; I think I've read it 4 times, at least.

Anyway, keep up the visits, I'm enjoying them. Cheers!

DragonsChest said...

I so feel your pain with Penelope. Our cat, Spooky, does the same thing, but she prefers to urk up on bedspreads or pillows. Yay.

Your Burnished Tunic is gorgeous. Nicely done, you have every right to be pleased!