Monday, January 5, 2009


Problem: Deciding you don't need a pair of DPNs as the pattern suggests.
Non-Solution: Thinking you'll just wing it with a circ using magic loop method even though you're not a huge fan of magic loop.
Outcome: Frogging a sleeve twice. Much praying that somewhere is a craft store in the immediate area with a pair of size 11 DPNs. A sleeveless sweater.
Problem: Not being able to knit on the sweater that you are this close to being finished with (ok, maybe not this close but close enough to taste it).
Non-Solution: Eating chocolate and cursing. Also contemplating starting a second sweater.
Outcome: A ruined diet and neighbors who complain about the "Sailor upstairs." But you get to fondle yarn.
Cascade 109 in Aubergine

I suppose the night wasn't a total waste.


velmalikevelvet said...

I like non-solutions. And yarn fondling. And commenters on my blog (thanks for the drive by!).

And aubergine.


DragonsChest said...

Yes, yarn fondling is in a top spot on my list, too!

Meg said...

isnt it wonderful when you open your door and see the little box of heaven sitting at your step? I love yarn delivery day!