Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday I almost ran away. I seriously looked at airline tickets to the other side of the country. But when I saw that it's almost $800 to fly to Seattle I rethought my running away thing. I wasn't going to run away forever, just for a week. Enough time to recoup. Alas, it's not to be. Well, not this month any way.

Yesterday was one of those days where if you stop and sit still for even a minute you might end up bawling your eyes out. Two of my students decided that they were going to talk for the entire day. It didn't matter if I reprimanded them, punished them, or moved them 10 feet from each other, in a matter of seconds they were yakking away again. In general my students were all out of control. And then the fact that I had to stay after school for so long and go to these boring PTA things (sorry any PTA moms but you gotta see it from my side-I'm with your kid all day, I know what's going on) made it all the worse. I truly was surprised when I got home by 7:30 and my favorite TV show was just coming on.

This morning I was awoken by a call at 5:30. That's a.m. Before the sun is up. And not by someone I know, it was a restricted number. I don't know which is more kooky: 1. Someone accidentally dialed my number from an unlisted number (who dials numbers anymore? I thought they were all in address books...) or 2. I'm in an unlisted person's address book and they accidentally dialed me or 3. That there are people up making phone calls at 5:30 in the morning.

I was a little freaked out, a little annoyed, and a little worried today would suck as well.

Then I woke up and remembered today was Wednesday. Knit night. No private lessons to teach. Hoozah!

I thought it would be appropriate to try and make up for my lame blogging skills by putting a better post up today. Hopefully it's somewhere close to the acceptable range.

Here's a better picture of the top down raglan basking in the fading glow of an overcast sky.
There are some funky things about this raglan. For starters, the tops of the sleeves are too poufy for my liking. I should have decreased a few stitches right away. Also, the decreases for the sleeves in general took too long. I think the length turned out ok but in the future I think I'd do decreases every 3 rows and knit a few plain before I got to the ribbing. It was a good learning experience though.

And this is what I was able to accomplish with the Aubergine last night (and a little bit this morning before work):
I started the ribbing of the Torino Bulky Pullover. I'll should be able to get to the body tonight.

I'm hoping that after yesterday things will be calming down a little bit. I have to determine some good "mental health days" to take off before Spring Break though or I might get a little batty. I'm also hoping, in the near future, to gather a list of "wants" from friends and family and slowly begin chipping away at it. I know of at least 3 scarves, a hat, 2 sweaters, an afghan and a baby blanket. Some have more pressing deadlines than others (like the baby blanket, delivery dates are a pretty finite thing). In the meantime I'll try not to have a nervous break down. At least not in public.

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