Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

I got tagged in two of these on Facebook so I'm posting this here for all to enjoy. Feel free to play along...

1. My best friend gave her little girl my middle name, Mae.
2. My middle name is my great-grandmother's middle name.
3. I knit (duh) and dye my own line of yarns.
4. I study Renaissance martial arts (fighting with swords).
5. I broke both my arms within an 8 month span when I was 5.
6. I was a gymnast through part of middle school and high school. I had to stop due to persistent pain in my knees.
7. I can play every instrument in the band and orchestra plus guitar and piano with varying degrees of proficiency.
8. I used to collect wind chimes.
9. I don't drink carbonated beverages.
10. I like to travel.
11. My likeness is being used in a British children's book on historical martial arts (I'm a ninja and a gladiator).
12. I'm cold natured.
13. I usually eat the foods on my plate separately (ex: I will eat all my mashed potatoes before I eat my steak).
14. I really like to read and probably own over 400 books (many are in storage at my parent's house).
15. My favorite drink is Irish breakfast tea. I drink it every morning with lots of sugar and little milk.
16. I spent 2 weeks last summer in Moldova doing missions work.
17. The first time I traveled alone was last summer when I went to Moldova.
18. I double majored in music composition and music education for a year in college. Then I went back to just music education.
19. I played softball for 6 years when I was younger (ages 6-12).
20. One of my dream jobs would be conducting a major symphony orchestra.
21. If I wasn't an elementary school teacher I would probably be a paleontologist.
22. I'm fascinated by mythology. I once knew the names of all the major Greek gods and goddesses in Latin and Greek and what each did. I could probably still rattle off many of them.
23. In high school I took the National Latin Exam and received the Maxima Cum Laude award (second place) twice.
24. I was on a national award winning independent (non-college) indoor drumline in college.
25. My grandparents got me a mini four wheeler when I was about 8 years old. I used to ride it all over their property until I outgrew it when I was about 16 (it wasn't that mini). I would love to go ATVing again.


Evonne said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing about you!!!

Wipe Out said...

OK, numbers 22 and 23 surprised me (National Latin Exam and Classical Mythology)... I only know a few catch phrases like 'carpe diem', 'e pluribus unum', or the nerdy one from my days as a math major: 'quod erat demonstrandum'... and then there was Carmina Burana in Men's Glee Club... I can sing a song about drinking adult beverages (among OTHER things...)