Monday, January 12, 2009

Lets Do the Time Warp Again

I know I've been very bad about blogging lately so let me go back in time and try and catch up a little.

Last week was full of knitting goodness. At some point I received my shipment from WEBS of their closeout yarn I had ordered. Something of a late Christmas present to myself.
Cascade 109 in beautiful purple (or Aubergine as it is listed).
Smooshy blues (I'm too lazy to go look up the names but I think the teal color on the right is Summer Pool or something equally as dazzling).
More of the Summer Pool (or whatever it's called).
A nice burnt orange.
Some Cascade Bollicine Revolution in fun, punky colors.
Simple blue.
And a nice tan to compliment the blue.
I think there are 5 more balls of the Revolution coming, they were on back order.

In addition to yarn there was lots of knitting. If you remember about a month ago I got in touch with a woman who ran an online yarn store here in Duluth. She invited me out to several groups and I'm happy to report that I went to both the local knitting group and the larger, more official Atlanta Knitting Guild meeting last week. I will say that it is a little odd to be one of the youngest people in the room. I went through that when I first started teaching but many of the people I taught with were only a few years older than I was. Sure, we had people who had been teaching for 20+ years but there was a decidedly younger crowd. In the groups I went to last week I was definitely in the minority. Young knitters need to unite! We need to be going to guild meetings. We are the future of knit wear! :::Steps off soap box:::

So, yeah, there was knitting.

The Burnished Tunic got one sleeve.
And I worked a lot on this sweater for Warm Woolies.
This is my first top down raglan and I used a little sweater calculator that I found on Knitting Fool to help me come up with the pattern. It's a little vague and I can see how a knowledge of top down sweaters would be helpful. Or you can be like me and throw caution to the wind and simply learn as you go!

On a non-knitting note, I just finished this book tonight:
I cried. I'll admit it. It was sweet. A perfect ending to the series. Even if you don't like vampire stores there is so much to this that isn't about vampires.

Also on a non-knitting, totally random note, I had to show these pictures. Last week my class read the story of the Gingerbread Man. I gave the kids some cutouts and let them decorate them so they could re-enact the story. Most students came up with something like this:
But one of my students did these (remember these are 1st graders):
Batman and the Joker. Amazing. This was, not coincidentally, the same kid who had the dirty sock in this desk. I can hear the phone call now...

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Beth Merchant said...

Ok, that is one creative kid. (batman and joker) Love the school stories. Reminds me of my love/hate relationship with teaching. Love the kids.... hate the stuff that comes with being a teacher (paperwork, meetings, parents....)